The Carrefour des savoirs is aimed at graduate students in health and social services research.

Developing cross-disciplinary skills gives you the essential tools you need to adapt and succeed, whatever your career path. You’ll then be able to see all the possibilities open to you!

Career development

Questioning your career development or professional path

To develop your career, in addition to acquiring skills, it’s important to have the right tools and the right support to facilitate access to jobs that match your aspirations as closely as possible.

Training, workshops and pathways

Cross-disciplinary skills

The mission of Carrefour des savoirs is to promote the development and enhancement of cross-disciplinary skills among graduate research students. Universities offer a wide range of training courses, workshops and pathways: the Carrefour has listed them, so all you have to do is explore!

Students and employers


The internships you’ll find on the Carrefour platform are directly linked to cross-disciplinary skills. They will enable you to explore other skills useful in the workplace for establishing a fulfilling career in a competitive job market. This is a key opportunity for you to put the knowledge you’ve acquired into practice, or to explore other avenues.

Professional development


The ultimate aim of mentoring is to bring out the mentee’s full potential. Through the experiences of the mentor, who acts a bit like a guide on expeditions, the mentee is guided throughout the progression of his or her career. The mentor can be seen as an advisor and even a role model, providing support, advice and expertise.

The Carrefour des savoirs is a consortium of five Montreal
research centers in health and social services:

Financial partner

FRSQ - Fonds de recherche Santé - Québec

Partners in action