Les Beaux midis du Carrefour : An inspiring journey

November 22 2023 12pm-13pm

The Carrefour des savoirs presents the Beaux midis du Carrefour. The aim of this initiative is to present portraits of inspiring people who have completed doctoral studies and are working in a sector outside academia.

In an ever-changing world, skills development has become an indispensable asset for excelling in your career and personal life. You’re invited to join our Beaux midis du Carrefour webinar to learn about the strategies our guests have developed to thrive in their professional careers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to build on your strengths and achieve your personal and professional goals. Register now and get ready to invest in your future and take flight.

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Christophe Alarie

Picture of Christophe Alarie

Who it’s for: This webinar is for anyone looking to improve their skills, whether they’re students, professionals, entrepreneurs or learning enthusiasts.

Christophe Alarie completed his doctorate at the École de réadaptation, Université de Montréal,  in 2022 under the joint supervision of Bonnie Swaine and Isabelle Gagnon. His work focused on the co-creation and testing of a walking intervention offered via telehealth to adults with mild traumatic brain injury. Christophe joined Axelys, a non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to Quebec’s economic and social prosperity by accelerating the development and transfer of high-potential innovations stemming from Quebec public research. As a project manager, he provides researchers with consulting and coaching services in innovation development, intellectual property management, and the deployment and implementation of innovations in the fields of technology, health and the social sciences, humanities, arts and literature. He is also a director of Viomax, an organization that offers psychosocial support and physical fitness services to people with functional limitations, in order to improve their state of health, their level of autonomy and their social participation.